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Training Station: Pioneer Training Centre, 1 Soon Lee St, #03-49/50 Pioneer Centre, Singapore 627605

Mail us at: Pioneer Junction, #05-24, 3 Soon Lee St, Singapore 627606 (Singapore Laughter Yoga) is a trademarked company owned by Founder Van Ram 

Laughing with our Elderly & Communities

2019-nCov (Corona Virus) Protocols in Skills Training 2020. Including; Temperature Measurement, Travel and Informed Consent.

Special Thanks to Grassroots Leader Phyills and Li Ling Mgt at Tampines Changkat CC, Eldercare Workshop, Sharing greetings to the Honourable M.P Ms Irene Ng, (former M.P Tampines GRC)

Laughing With Mr Srinu at Straits Times & Razor TV; Laughter Feature.

Presenting Master of Cardiolaugh Exercise to Ms Mei Ling

Wall of Hercules

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Summary Report for SAF Exercise programme.

Maximum Wellness (Singapore) was appointed to deliver training programmes to 3 Singapore Armed Forces camps for 12 months in 2017-2018. A variety of activities were offered such as; Cardiolaugh a brand of Singapore Laughter Yoga ( Kickboxing, Zumba, Yoga, Kickboxing-Yoga, MMA, Wrestling, General Aerobics, Krav Maga, Circuit and Interval training. 

Classes were up to 30 participants maximum. Participants reported changes in their fitness and energy levels, and that they enjoyed the training sessions. In addition, 53.3% Agreed and 46.7% Strongly Agreed to recommending us. An Exercise survey with 5-point Likert scale was administered and 86.4% rated strongly agree as the means score from all 15 questions, the survey was administered at the end of the 12 months engagement and data collected was from 2 camps. 

Interview with founder Van Ram for straits times 2012, 2017/2018 and  Nuyou magazine 2017

The THERAPY, Laughter Yoga by Maximum Wellness Singapore is a Great Cardio Workout! As life becomes more sedentary and stressful, it is difficult to stick to any exercise routine. Just laugh to exercise daily.

According to Dr. William Fry M.D, 10 minutes of hearty laughter is equal to 30 minutes on the rowing machine; burning to almost 50 calories! This is in respect to Cardiorespiratory  endurance.

Laughter Yoga is ideally suited for busy professionals and business people who have very little time to exercise. Laughter exercises are proven to provide positive impacts to the various systems of the body.

Most noteworthy is the laughter's ability to unwind the negative effects of stress; that is the catalyst for many of our health problems.

2017 Singapore workers unhappiest! CAN WE do something about it?

Credits to autism-open access

Credits to Today News

laughter KING & founder of singapore laugher yoga van ram

Founder of Singapore Laughter Yoga, Van Ram Awarded by Professor Fatimah (Left) Master Van (Right) As industrial Partner for World Mental Health Day

Contributors to Modern History of Therapeutic Laughter and Laughter Yoga

Many individuals have contributed to the history of modern Therapeutic laughter. It is beyond the scope of this training to talk about all of them. We have chosen to highlight those who have inspired the development of Laughter Yoga Therapy


the only registered - laughter organisation

We are number ONE on Google since 2010

Over 50 Organizations rated laughter therapy - by van ram  an outstanding experience!

Medical doctor endorses and practices with  therapist van ram in singapore

King ram have Conducted laughter Threapy to over 500 medical doctors

500 International Medical Doctors,
Ministry of Health Forum and President of Singapore Dr Tony Tan
Therapist Van Ram - Made headlines on 938live

More television appearances ( rojak Aired on Channel 5 in 2016 (NEW)

creator of Singapore Laughter yoga and CardioLaugh

Bollywood laughter workout! CardioLaugh

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Our therapeutic trainings

Are highly sought after and rated 99% positive by organizations like WDA and SPS. Changes in mood (physical alteration), higher energy levels,  calming effects of relaxation and improved breathing, are just a few comments from the hundreds to thousands of our happy participants.

Many more received overwhelming experience by
The Founder of Singapore Laughter Yoga and Maximum Wellness,
Featured Therapist Van Ram, The Straits Times refers to him as
Singapore's Laughter King

Ram taught Over 500 medical doctors at the academia,

 guest.of.honour - president of Singapore

Channel 5 &
Channel News Asia
Features Laughter Psychologist, King Van Ram LIVE on National TV -

Laughter Therapist Van Ram is the Founder of
Singapore Laughter Yoga since 2010
Presenting at the Yoga Mela 2015
Singapore's Largest Mass Sun Salutation Event 

van ram is the only Therapist - (video testimonial) by medical doctor IN sINGAPORE

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Singapore Laughter Yoga is a registered entity in Singapore and Trademark of Maximum Wellness (Singapore). There is a case of non-accredited teachers in Singapore claiming to be part of our Registered and Taxable Organisation (Since 2010).

Singapore Laughter Yoga, and Maximum Wellness takes a serious view of such infringement as it misleads and causes confusion to the public. Providing clear and accurate information to the everyone is of utmost importance, to the integrity of our cause.

Quality and Reliability of Therapy

Any individual or agency claiming to offer Laughter Yoga
MUST BE ACCREDITED by Singapore Laughter Yoga
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and it will be an infringement of our Intellectual Property, investigations and illegal action will be taken for use of
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Singapore Laughter Yoga's Authentic Programmes, launched in 2010 developed for Singapore and South-East Asia.
Any reproduction of the programmes offered by Singapore Laughter Yoga, without permission is deemed as false presentation of our renowned therapeutic services, loss and damages will not be Attributed to Registered Company, Singapore Laughter Yoga Owned by Ms Ho Jie Ying and Founded by Senior Laughter Therapist Van Ram (All Rights Reserved)

Singapore Laughter Yoga - Maximum Wellness (Partners)
  • Offers the Authentic Programmes Since 2010 by Maximum Wellness in Singapore (Laughter Foundation, Laughter AT Works, Laughter Communication, Laughter Relaxation Experience)  Counselling Laughter Therapy and more


Van Ram takes care of his ELDERLY

 live (testimonial) by medical doctor

Laughter Psychologist Van Ram is the only person in Singapore to have completed a University Research into the Benefits of Laughter in Singapore and personally worked the Medical Doctor who founded Laughter Yoga University, since 1995
(All Rights Reserved) Request for the official mark when registering for a course is a valid seal of authenticity. If unsure, please call our helpline at: 6592255263 or email us:


Founder of Singapore Laughter Yoga and Featured Therapist Van Ram, has popularized Laughter Yoga Therapy and made into an Effective Functional Therapy for Singapore, adding on components of Play Therapy and Existential Therapy to his Renowned Training and Workshops. Naturally, was invited to facilitate:

  • Trained in the Multi-Cultural Framework
  • Laughter Therapy and counselling for both Family and Individual Cases on Stress, Loss, Anxiety, Trauma and Identity Crisis that helps,
  • Families and Individuals to overcome,
  • and Manage Life Challenges.
  • He contributes to the Community in Social Work with VOWs, NGOs, Registered Societies and Elderly Care in Singapore using a Systemic Perspective on Healing with Laughter.
  • Senior Therapist Van Ram annually receive invitations to many events as a keynote speaker to entertain, inform and educate on the unique Laughter Brand that participants enjoy greatly!
He hopes to continuously produce the Therapy for Future Generations to benefit from and train Future Leaders in his original therapy to ensure Singapore and Singaporeans are Laughing Always!
  • Laughter Psychologist Ram, have designed and conducted training, coaching and consultations for over 100 businesses, community and many more!

  • Reached close to a million people over 5 years after popularizing it in Singapore including SingHealth and  Taught Laughter to more than 500 Medical Doctors both local and international. Serving Singapore since 2010, Maximum Wellness

Founder of Singapore Laughter Yoga - Speaks about Laughter for Your Health and for your Personal, Social and Business Advantages
On Channel 5, Demonstrating Laughter by the Official Singapore Laughter Yoga - With Host Yasmine at Botanic Gardens

We Started in 2010 and now have expanded across Singapore!

Laugh with Senior Therapist Ram, laughter and play therapy

Laughter Psychologist Ram is Trained and Certified by the University of Laughter and have Inducted over 500 International Medical Doctors

 Explaining the Benefits of Laughter with the Master Van Ram on Mediacorp

World Mental Health-Day

Participating Organization Industry Partner, Maximum Wellness Singapore, Founder & Director Van Ram receiving the certificate by Guest of  Honour, Professor Fatimah Lateef for contributions to the Mental Health Day 2014

World Mental Health Seminar

Participating Organization Industry Partner, Maximum Wellness Singapore, Founder & Director Van Ram receiving the certificate by Guest of  Honour, Professor Fatimah Lateef for contributions to the Mental Health Seminar 2014

At the 938LIVE Studio - Mediacorp Studios 

Laughing with the Medical doctor on Television - Mediacorp Studios

Also Featured on
shin min Daliy (新明日报)  Lainhe zaobao (联合早报)

Laughter is Scientifically Proven Formula in Communication and Positive Social Interaction, it also enables you to create an extraordinary impact on your health, learn to do so and hold no expenses because you are worth it!

He is the First Laughter Therapist in Singapore, Experienced in Training over 50 organisations and communities, with Hundreds of Thousand participants Island-wide, including 500 Medical Doctors and President of Singapore,  Dr Tony Tan
as Guest of Honor at the opening of the Academia, SingHealth. Creating a Positive Impact to Society!

He offers Custom Programmes for all populations in Positive Psychology and with a Proven Track Record of over 50 organisations with Positive Improvements in their Mood and Energy levels! (Fear  = Panic and We Debunk the "State of Fear" & Prepare you for your New Life with your Guide)

 Van Ram
Singapore Laughter Yoga
Experiencing the Power of Laughter with the Master Himself!

With the Holistic Multicultural Health Model & Laughter V.3
(Sue & Sue 2003) Bio-Psycho-Social Aspects | Affect | Philosophy | Ethnicity | Economical |Globalization 

What -medical Doctors are saying, A radical new therapy is here!

with The real laughter King Vanram

School of Positive Reinforcement VS the Societal Pressures of Negative Reinforcement and

the Only School that Applies Psychological Therapies in the World of Laughter Psychology

Senior Therapist Van Ram - Maximum Wellness

Doctors recommends Laughing Daily!

Start with Laughter Therapeutic Programmes™ only available here with your Specialist Laughter Yoga Therapist Ram. Laughing with the thousands,Master Trainer Sri Ram is personally trained and recommended by Medical Doctor Kartaria. 

Sri Ram taught to more than 50organizations and has reached out to thousands of participants both local and overseas. He also trained over 500 Medical Doctors from various countries at the Opening of the Academia with Minister of Health and Guest of Honor President of Singapore, Dr. Tony Tan.




Highest Work Happiness Score since 2009

59.8% of Singapore employees are still less than moderately happy.  The lowest Work Happiness Score (55.5 points) was recorded just recently in 2010. Jobscentral Work Happiness Indicator Survey of 2012.

More than 70% of illness are in some way related to stress, including:

  • ASTHMa & Breathing Issues

Singapore laughter yoga, partners maximum wellness

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