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Our mission is to help you experience the miracle of life with Laughter. Our Laughter Programmes such as CardioLaugh, Laughter Therapy and Laughter Yoga experience is truly remarkable and we developed an easy and most enjoyable set of unique Laughter workouts and activities that fits to make a better, healthier and lovable you. Laughter is widespread and our social enterprise and social movement has profound internationally following to promote a positive self-esteem, exercise and good health using Laughter Therapy as a way to empower people across different nationalities, age, ethnicity, gender and socio-economic status, so as to achieved happiness and progress for our growing community of Laughter practitioners around the world. Dedicated to Mr Srinu and Yahweh Pang Sok Hay., G.B

Dr of Laughter.VAN RAM

"If you ever experienced the joy of Laughing, this is the right programme for you!"

Dr of Laughter. Van Ram (Laughter Therapist Ram_Laughter King)

Featured on.. 

Mediacorp Channel 8 and 5, Channel News Asia, Channel U, Vasantham Central, LianHe Zaobao, Shin Min Daily News, Berita Harian, Straits Times, 938Live, Niyou magazine, Razor TV, Sutra and many other publications.

Referred to by Popular Media As the Laughter King!
Senior Laughter Therapist Van Ram is also known for his prized role as the Doctor of Laughter, Van Ram on popular TV show Rojak (Mediacorp Channel 5) & Channel 8 Personality

  • Researcher and Contributor to COVID-19 solutions 
  • Health Specialist  M.ED NTU., G.Dip A*STAR Research Institute., B.Sc Hons., S.DipOHS., Dip HS
  • Gelotologist (Play to Achieve Mindset)
  • Researcher and Practitioner of Complementary Therapies 
  • Founder of Singapore Laughter Yoga & Maximum Wellness
  • Skills Future Award Recipient 
  • Trained by Medical Physician MBBS, Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher (Master)
  • Mindful and Positive Psychology movement
  • Former I/O Psychology Consultant, Health Promotion Board & SpringSG
  • Health Management & Promotion Practitioner
  • Essential Counseling Skills, SGH-Postgraduate Allied Health Institute
  • Trained in Clinical Fitness (CGH-ACSM)
  • Award of Participation from Professor Fatimah Lateef, M.D for contributions to World Mental Health Day
  • Trained in Multi-Cultural Framework
  • UK, Certified Public Speaker and Trainer
  • Qualified PA Trainer by Peoples Association Singapore, Lifestyle and Skills Division
  • Winner of the Cozycotz
  • Renowned Speaker for Human Productivity Programmes 

Laugh King Ram is the first Therapist in Singapore credited for popularising the movement with his Unique Laughter Therapy. He was also featured in Channel News Asia (CNA) for Inter-generation Bonding with C3A and Students of Republic Polytechnic Health Promotion, he is trained in Multimodality and Multiculturalism, fostering Happy and Healthy Relationships among the people!

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Effects of Laughter Therapy on Psychophysiology (Gelotology)

Mr. Yahweh Pang Sok Hay

Kept in Confidence 

Receiving the National Skills Future Award, '17 at Institute of Adult Learning, Graduation Ceremony with Senior Minister of Sate, Minister of Communication and Information & Ministry of Education Dr. Janil Puthucheary M.D  

Founder & Director of Maximum Wellness and Singapore Laughter Yoga Van Ram, a Training operator with Skills Future, Peoples' Association, and service provider to ActiveSG. He started with just 5 people in Singapore Little Gulin Park and soon into thousands of Laughter Training across Singapore and aboard.

Featured Laughter Therapist Ram (Laugh King ) has conducted trainings for over 50 organizations with participation from International audiences in varying industries and has reached out to hundreds of thousands of people since 2010. In his prouder moments, was invited to train over 500 Medical Doctors from various countries at the Opening of the Academia with Sing-health and Guest of Honor President of Singapore, Dr. Tony Tan, Ph.D

He also supports welfare organizations like the Singapore Cancer Society, Breast Cancer Foundation, Sliver Ribbon and many others, to provide the best Therapeutic Laughter Training for both patients and survivors of Cancer as well as other conditions which also includes Diabetes Mellitus and Trauma Patients. His belief is that Laughter is the best form of exercise for both the mind and body to create an optimal benefit of existence.

Over 500 Medical Doctors Laughing with Master Trainer Ram at the Opening of the Academia with Guest of Honor President  Dr. Tony Tan PhD 

Participating Organization Industry Partner, Maximum Wellness Singapore, Founder Van Ram receiving the certificate by Guest of  Honour, Professor Fatimah Lateef M.D for contributions to the Mental Health Seminar 2014

Filming with Singapore Press Holdings and Razor TV to raise awareness for Laughter Yoga

Participating Organization Industry Partner, Maximum Wellness Singapore, Founder VanRam receiving the certificate by Guest of  Honour, Professor Fatimah Lateef M.D for contributions to the Mental Health Day 2014

(Right) Van receiving the Train the Trainers Certificate, Founder & Director of Maximum Wellness, a collaborator and provider for Workplace Health Promotion by Health Promotion Board.

  • Trained by Medical Doctor MBBS, Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher
  • Founder of Singapore Laughter Yoga
  • Founder of Maximum Wellness (International)

  • UK, Certified Public Speaker and Trainer
  • Precipitant of Multiple Awards from Professor Fatimah Lateef

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