Laughter Therapy Wellness Workshop groups, businesses & Intelligence agencies

This programme is expanding globally in more than 100 countries, and the businesses are coming together to find out how to laugh in the face of challenges and succeed together. Whether it is in your personal, business or social life, we build relationships through hearty Laughter. 

Find out what it takes to transform your mindset with a powerful political skill to change your life today!

Did you know? 

As a child we laughter almost 300 times in a day, but as we age into our adult life we only continue Laughing 30 times in an entire day. 


Picture (RIGHT) credits to: JobStreet dot com

2016 Singapore employees are the most unhappiest

Featured Laughter Therapist Lianhe Zhao Bao - Singapore Press Holdings 

On-going Monthly Lessons for the elderly at Tampines ChangKat Community Club for Social and Health Promotion

At the 938LIVE Studio - Mediacorp Studios 

Laughter Yoga Therapy Outdoor Camp with People's Association - Sliver linings for the Elderly


Our course manuals are available and will be provided upon contact


 1. To develop new research in laughter therapy and its uses to optimise workplaces 

2. To create therapeutic products at low cost for everyone to use at home especially for mental health and as a life saving instrument

3. To create a healthy eco-system for our intelligence agencies, community and the elderly, so that they may continue to have a program for longevity with the collective population, for all s.e.s.

WHO have done laughter exercises in Singapore?  Global Intelligence, Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Industries, Million Dollar Entrepreneurs Club, International Banks, Multinational Companies, Government Organisations, Ministries & Statutory Boards, Institutes of Higher Learning, Hospitals, Social Services; VOWs & NGOs, Health & Beauty Centres, National News Media & Television stations, Sports Associations, Community Centres, Elderly Care Centers, Psychology and Counselling Centres, Rehabilitation, Countless More!

Professional Fees for Local or International Rates Quoted in SGD, Email for 

 introductory rates,  available only for patient services  and new entries UPON REQUEST

Laughter Foundation Experience™ 45 mins  Up to 40 pax for groupsUp to 50 pax for corporates (Hot!)

Providing the fundamental tools to equip participants with the necessary  learning points and activities to discover and experience the therapeutic benefits of prolonged laughter with scientific explanations and observations.  

GST not applicable* (Corporate Gifting, Sponsors in Workshops are Available)

local $900 without therapy doll

 international  $1,500

Local $2,000 with therapy doll



Laughter at Works™ (Laughter is L.A.W) 60 mins Up to 40 pax for groups / Up to 50 pax for corporates (hot!)

This training offers participants a new consciousness and self realization. The training builds on positive psychological concepts and enables them use the exercise of laughing to make a significant impact in their lives.

GST not applicable* (Corporate Gifting, Sponsors in Workshops are Available)

local $1250 without therapy doll

 international  $2,500

Local $2,150 with therapy doll


Laughter Relaxation Experience™ 90 mins   Up to 40 pax for groups / Up to 50 pax for corporates (popular!)

A new level of acceptance and practical implications, with the Relaxation Experience we teach you to use Laughter and Stress Relaxation Techniques to provide a longer relief and help unwind the negative effects from stresses of life. This Empowerment Programme helps participants to stress away their emotional distractions and with a clear mind and direction to refocus on their goals and restore health. 

GST not applicable* (Corporate Gifting, Sponsors in Workshops are Available)

local $1,750 without therapy doll

 international  $5,000

Local $3,550 with therapy doll


Laughter Polite Policy transformation  120 mins  Up to 40 pax for groups / Up to 50 pax for corporate  (Sexy!) 

GST not applicable* (Corporate Gifting, Sponsors in Workshops are Available)

Workplace Safety and Health advocacy spans beyond physical accidents and incidents to enter Behavioural and Psychological Safety Culture to adhere with Legislative Policies. This balance is crucial for every successful workplace. This programme allows every organisation to embrace workplace tensions and human conflicts. Polite Policies Polices workplace misunderstanding and conflict to renew, anew and refresh workplace policy to improve and curb behavioural and psychological workplace hazards for healthcare transformation.

local $2,900 without therapy doll

 international  $7,000

local $3,550 with therapy doll

Pure Cardiolaugh workout™ 180 mins Up to 100 pax

GST not applicable* (Corporate Gifting, Sponsors in Workshops are Available)

Cardiolaugh workout is a hypertrophic exercise for the Musculoskeletal system (MSK), The ageing population experiences bone mass or density decrease with old age, making the bones more prone to fractures and injuries. Cardiolaugh workout aims to increase fitness and improve the flexibility of joints with a progressive light to moderate intensity workout that prevents the joint stiffness, thus improving the capability to stretch or flex while strengthening the heart function that provides optimal cardiovascular functioning and restores a positive mindset. Get your neck towels ready and be ready to Laugh!

local $5,500 included therapy doll

 international  $7,000

Laughter Counseling therapy for workplace leaders™ + Laughter and radiant-Sound therapy™ $10,000

GST not applicable* (Gifting, Sponsors in Workshops are Available)

Optimise your staff with the leadership experience through laughter and peer counseling that would boost the morale and motivation of your employees. Increasing the Intrinsic motivation factor of your staff will enhance work performance, relationship building and working through challenges that would transform participants individually and as a collective unit to make significant social impact.

Learn to de-stressed with calm and soothing therapeutic relaxing sound-vibrations that will help to bring quietness, stillness and balance to the mind and body. The humming sound-vibrations produced from the Radiant-Sound Bowls, Binaural-beats, the Yogic breathing and the Psychology of laughter as a release to the cluttered mind and return us to positive state of mind. In the first session a transformation felt and each session becomes more irresistible.

Customised workshops are also available upon request

 Reap the benefits, be the reason for Smiles and Laughter at Work-place and in your Community Start Now!

All items are prevailing to local and international health updates, organisations are laughing with us straight away

Our exhibition workshops include:

  • Introduction to Laughter Yoga (History)
  • How is Laughter used as an exercise
  • Proven benefits of Laughter (Science of Laughter)
  • The benefits of Social Laughter
  • Logic of Yoga with Laughter
  • The theory of how to infuse Laughter Yoga in daily lives

Laughter Yoga 8 or 10 weeks featured 45 mins programme, completed in 8 to 10 weeks in a power-packed programme that includes:

  1. Laughter & Intertextuality -  Introductory workshop! (Exhibition contents)
  2. How to start Laughter as an exercise daily
  3. Laughter Exercises to deter stress (experience, show and tell)
  4. Radiant-bowl Therapy
  5. Therapeutic Counselling
  6. Yoga Exercises (Mediation)
  7. Laughter for personal health and well-being
  8. How to get the best results from Laughter Yoga (Self-Awareness)

Practice in your workplace and Infuse Laughter Yoga into your daily lives. Enrich your lives with true blissfulness and increase your potential with us.

Who is Laughter Yoga for?

  • Businesses
  • Schools / Instutitions
  • Hospitals
  • Communities
  • Organizations focus on special needs
  • NGOs / Non profit Organizations
  • Active Day/ Family Day
  • Special Occasions
  • Health talks / Seminars
  • Health Promotion
  • Professionals
  • Anger Management
  • People who are interested in self-improvement 

  • The list goes on... 

For Corporate Training:

Laughter Yoga for Awareness
Laughter in your workplace (Social Laughter)
Infuse Laughter Yoga into your lives

 For Adults: 
Change or add Laughter into your lifestyle
Infuse Laughter Yoga into your lives

For Children:
Unleash the creative genius
Infuse Laughter Yoga into your lives 

For School / Colleges / Universities:
Take up the Laughter Yoga Wellness Challenge
Unleash your academic potential
Infuse Laughter Yoga into your lives

For Seniors:
Age Gracefully
Infuse Laughter Yoga into your lives

For Special Request Customised Programme:
Tell us your theme and we will organize our programme or workshop just for you.

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